About the Author

Our featured author, Tiffany L. Samuel, exudes energy and creativity. A busy college educator and attorney, she is also a musician, singer, songwriter, and playwright. In unsettling contrast, Tiffany’s personal life, for many years, was plagued with debilitating fear. Her perplexing battle to find resolve spanned well over a decade as she labored to forgive and cope with painful encounters from both her childhood and adult experiences. Today, she regulates several tenacious injuries through a self-tailored pain management regimen.

In this compelling narrative, she chronicles how she erased victimization and embraced true love. This uniquely, contagious book also inspires readers to embark upon their own journeys to heal and adopt love. Tiffany’s highly anticipated music compact disc, Changing Tempos™, which embodies an intimate recording of the twelve songs from this book, will be released in April 2011. Please send all email inquiries and requests to: changingtempos@yahoo.com

You may also visit the author's personal website: www.samuelmultimedia.com