About the Book

From well over a decade of memories, the author, Tiffany L. Samuel, begins with the four stages of her personal development. Second, twelve discovery channels will reveal many experiences that inspired the original songs shared throughout her journey. Third, each channel is divided into three realms necessary to adapt and overcome each experience, along with a season of change to identify the level of difficulty to cope with each channel. Last, each channel majestically marches into a love zone to essentially commit to heal and focus on a constructive plan for the authorís future.

Fascinatingly written, Changing Tempos™ explores challenges and solutions the author continues to apply to live life more affectionately. Readers are in for an unforgettable emotion-filled journey as they open their hearts and minds to the mysteries of love and the divine powers that can heal.

You may also visit the author's personal website: www.samuelmultimedia.com